How to prepare yourself as a delegate

On this page you will be able to find information about how you as a delegate will be able to prepare yourself in the best possible way before the conference. On the bottom of the page, you will also find tips on useful links.


Each delegation will send two resolutions per committee in which your delegation/country is represented.
The resolutions should be sent to bjorn.borgstrom@falufri.se via e-mail before March 10, 2017.

Download the instructions on how to write a resolution here. (will be published shortly)

Download an example of a resolution (in swedish) regarding death penalty here.

Please find suggestions on preambulatory and operative clauses here.

Opening speech

Each delegation will have approximately 45-60 seconds each to hold a short opening speech. The time limit could be extended if the speaker uses the offical language of their delegation, in this case an interpreter might be of use. Please be aware of the fact that you need to tell the Secretary-General in advance if you wish to add additional seconds to the opening speech.
Use the opening speech to present you country’s most important claims and its aim for this conference. The Secretary-General will decide if comments are to be allowed during the opening speeches.

Position papers and how to study your country

It is of great importance that you are well aware of your country’s standpoint in the questions that will be dealt with during this conference.
Read more about how to properly study your country here.

Rules of Procedure at SweMUN

You ought to read though the rules of procedure carefully before the conference, since they will guide you during the role play.

Guide to the Rules of Procedure at SweMUN, General Assembly

Guide to the Rules of Procedure at SweMUN, Security Council 

Useful links

General information about the UN
UNA Sweden’s website 
The official website of the UN
Dag Hammarskjöld Library 
UN News 
UN iLibrary
The Global Goals

Keep yourself updated by accessing the UN News Centre.

How to study your country

In Swedish only:
The guide on how to study your country (konsten att kartlägga ett land).
Globalis, interactive worldatlas from UNA Sweden
Landguiden, Utrikespolitiska Institutet
Nationalencyklopedin (NE)

In English:
Reports about human rights in different countries
The official website of the UN, with links to the official websites of the memberstates.

Importat documents and information about Human Rights:
The UN Charter
The Swedish foundation for Human Rights 

Links to the nine core human rights conventions can be found at:
Dag Hammarskjöld Library – Human Rights conventions and declarations

Find resolutions, declarations and conventions.
Declarations and conventions contained in GA resolutions, click on the subject you wish to read more about.
General Assembly Resolutions
Security Council Resolutions

Find resolutions in the Security Council Here
Find documents (and resolutions) Here
Find voting figures for the resolutions through UNBISnet Here


Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) – Imminent Risk
Crisis in DRC
A Nuanced but Firm Political Approach for DR Congo’s Decisive Autumn
SC work regarding the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo
European Council